Club Support

We recognise the importance of sports clubs in Northumberland and to help us sustain what clubs in Northumberland do and to help promote their work we have develop the Northumberland Club Offer.

How do we support clubs?

The Northumberland Club Offer is aimed at clubs based in Northumberland that are committed to getting more people active through sport.  This may be as members of their club or be actively supporting community efforts to promote physical activity in their local area including by working with schools.

Clubs that will benefit from this offer are making efforts to provide a more vibrant and viable environment within their club in order to make the visit to the club unmissable for members.  These efforts are most likely based on a club development plan.  Attracting new members is a key part of the club plan based on the club being well known within their local community.

Our offer is also for clubs which use social networks and media to coordinate their activity within a “virtual club house” and are aiming to increase the number of active participants in their network.

What is included in the offer?

  • New Unmissable Grants Scheme for clubs interested in exploring the possibility of starting a “Satellite Club” and or using the Club Matters online tools to increase membership.
  • Funding advice and guidance including preparing and submitting grant applications.
  • Advice and support from our specialist Marketing and Communications Team about raising the profile of the club and insight into how to attract new members.
  • Help and advice with recruiting, development and retaining coaches and volunteers.
  • Help and advice about building relationships with local schools.
  • Advice on forming partnerships in the local community or with other sports clubs to improve the profile or performance of your club.
  • Help and advice on club accreditation and standards, such as Clubmark.

The important question – how much does this support cost?

Good news, this support is provided by the Northumberland Sport team FREE of charge.  Our club service is delivered through funding we receive from Sport England and locally from Northumberland County Council.

Costs for workshops and training provided by third party organisations such as Governing Bodies of Sport and sports coach UK are payable by the club but can be subject to funding applications or other support we can help you identify.

How to get involved

Contact the Northumberland Sport team directly and we will organise a convenient time to meet to discuss your needs.

All the information on this page is available in the Northumberland Club Offer document.