Coaching Plan for England Launched

30th November 2016

Sport England today launched their new Coaching Plan for England, Coaching in an Active Nation aims to shake up the way we think about and deliver coaching

A warm welcome, jargon-free communication and a relaxed environment are all part of the new plan to bring the benefits of good coaching to everybody.

With figures showing a third all of people who don’t play sport saying that a coach would encourage them to start, redefining what it means to coach is one of the important first steps.

Good coaches inspire people to get active and stay active – and, importantly, good coaching is good for everyone.

Time for a rethink

Whether it’s guiding people that are dipping their toe into sport and activity for the first time, accompanying others on a journey of improvement or supporting talented athletes, coaches help individuals progress faster and further than they could on their own.

While the current fantastic work of the coaching community shouldn’t be undervalued, the need for a coaching rethink is clear.

Phil Smith, Sport England Director of Sport, said: “Connecting with people, understanding their needs and tailoring support to create the best experience for them is where the future of coaching lies.

“We want to support the coaching world to broaden the definition of what a coach is and I think they’re up for the challenge. We value coaches and their ability to nurture, encourage and support. These attributes need to be central plank of what it means to be a coach.”

Creating opportunities

It’s vital now more than ever that we create excellent experiences that will attract new people into sport and activity – and keep them coming back.

Developed following consultation with coaches, coach educators and national governing bodies of sport, The Coaching Plan for England will see:

  • The recruitment of 1,000 new apprentice coaches
  • Review current coaching qualifications to bring new skills into the sector, improve delivery and ensure more coaches are safe to practice
  • The creation of a more diverse network of coaches, better able to engage underrepresented groups
  • New digital ways of learning coaching skills to attract a broader range of people into the role.

Download the Coaching Plan for England


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