Coaching in an Active Nation: The Coaching Plan for England aims to shake up the way we think about and deliver coaching.

Good coaches inspire people to get active and stay active. Good coaches also guide those on a journey of improvement, including those with talent, to progress faster and further than they could on their own.  Additionally, the act of coaching brings individual and personal well being to the coach and the participant as well as making valuable, social and economic contributions to society.

At the moment, coaching predominantly supports the people who already have a regular sporting habit. These people are important, and improving their experience is a key aspiration. But for the first time, we also want to unleash the power of coaching for all of those people taking their first steps to becoming more physically active so that they too can benefit from the support that good coaches provide.

To achieve this, there is a need to reconsider the way that coaches are recruited, developed and deployed so that they can reach a wider audience and support more people to reach their goals: whether that’s achieving a new personal best, attending a session with friends every week or getting some support to help complete that marathon that they thought they couldn’t do.

Download Sport England’s Coaching Plan.

Further information

For more information contact Andrew Tunnah, Coaching Manager for more information.