Without the two million adult volunteers who contribute at least one hour a week to volunteering in sport, community sport would grind to a halt.

Volunteers also play an incredible role in staging some of England’s most prestigious sporting events. Without this volunteer workforce, the events simply wouldn’t happen.

Northumberland Sport fully recognise and appreciate the value of volunteers and we are working closely with partners to ensure the appropriate support can be offered to help recruit and retain volunteers.

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers in sport come in all shapes and sizes; they are of all ages, have different skills and experiences and are certainly not all sport enthusiasts.

Some of the roles that volunteers hold range from coaching and officiating to kitchen assistant and web page designer.

If you are interested in volunteering in sport the following organisations should prove useful.

Local Sporting Events

If you would like to get involved with some of the events Northumberland Sport and our partners organise such as the Northumberlandia Race for Life, please contact Andrew Tunnah, Coaching Manager.

National Governing Bodies of Sport

National Governing Bodies will have a good idea of club and volunteer needs. Some may have volunteer opportunities and guidance posted on their website while others will have a dedicated person to support volunteers in that sport.

Visit our sports directory for information and contact details forĀ individual sports.

Local Volunteer Centres

With 380 volunteer centres across the country, support is available for volunteers who are keen to get involved with sport but are not sure how.

There is also support for clubs, groups and societies who need and manage volunteers.

Find you local volunteer centre by visiting the Volunteering England website.