The workplace has a big effect on the health of everyone who works there.  It’s also a fantastic place of promoting health to employees. If people are happy with their working environment, their physical and mental wellbeing will benefit as a result. The healthier they are, the more productive they are.

We spend a lot of lives at work – up to 60% of our waking hours. So it’s a great place to introduce new habits and routines. The benefits of physical activity to both employer and employee are widely known. How many of us have said we’d like to do more exercise? All too often, time is the issue – we all lead busy working lives and the busier we are, the less spare time we have. Challenge yourself, colleagues and friends and make a difference.

Sign up NOW for FREE to the Workplace Challenge!

The Workplace Challenge is a FREE resource to help your employees increase physical activity Levels. Funded by Sport England, more than 6,400 business and 35,000 employees are already taking part across the county. Make sure your business is one.

Use the Activity Log to record your levels of sport, physical activity and active travel online and compete with other workplaces at the same time. You can log activities all year round for your own records, we also organise logging challenges across the year.

For business we develop bespoke activity log challenges, check out our Beat the Board case study.

Northumberland Sport is here to help! For further information contact Matthew Bewick, Project Support Officer.