Swim England Launched

4th April 2017

On Monday 3 April The Amateur Swimming Association started using their new name, Swim England. The Amateur Swimming Association remains their constitutional name, but they will use Swim England on all their internal and external communications, including our website.

About Swim England

The national governing body for swimming in England that helps people learn how to swim, enjoy the water safely, and compete in all its sports.

The vision is of a nation swimming and it strives to inspire everyone to enjoy the water in the way that suits them. The organisation works with partners to create engaging programmes that enable everyone to be active, have fun and stay healthy through swimming.

Each month millions of people are able to enjoy swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming because they have been through the renowned Learn to Swim Programme. Swim England is committed to helping people stay safe in the water and works to ensure water safety is kept high on the national agenda.

At its heart, it is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting its clubs and members to develop and succeed.  It also maintains the laws of the sport and runs world-class national events that are open to all. Swim England also operates a comprehensive range of qualification and education programmes for teachers, coaches, officials and tutors.

Further information

For more information visit the website.

Swim England
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