Walk to School Week

2nd May 2019

Walk to School Week 2019 runs from 20th-24th May and this year is celebrating its 90th anniversary!

The campaign is organised by Living Streets who have created the greatest national Walk to School celebration where pupils and grown ups around the UK unite for one week of walking to school.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary this year’s challenge will get to the heart of walking and how it can benefit the whole community as well as improve individual wellbeing.

Why should we encourage children to walk to school?

Changing the “school run” to a school walk is not always simple to do, however, there are lots of reasons why as parents, carers, teachers or health advocates we should be encouraging children to walk more;

  • Happier children – children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn.
  • Cleaner air – one in four cars during the morning rush hour are taking children to school – the school run alone is responsible for generating two million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. By walking to school just once per week we can help improve the quality of air children are growing up in.
  • Safer journeys – the walk to school is an excellent opportunity to talk to children about road safety.
  • Adults health – if parents/carers walk children to school, they are getting fitter too!
  • Time – walking to school eliminates all the time sitting in traffic or looking for a parking space. Walking to school can be just as quick as driving and is a nice way to spend a few minutes chatting about your days.
  • Money – its not always about money, but walking to school saves money on petrol.

Find out more

Find out more and order your schools pack by visiting the Living Streets website.

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