About Us

    Northumberland Sport, the strategic lead for physical activity and sport in Northumberland, is one of 43 Active Partnerships (previous County Sport Partnership’s) in England and is hosted within Northumberland County Council’s Public Health Team.  Active Partnerships are an integral part of the Government’s drive to develop a ‘single sports delivery system’ across England, and we are the key bridge between local and regional networks.

    To find out more about Active Partnerships please visit the Active Partnership website.

    Northumberland Sport is governed by an independent Board, made up of highly skilled individuals from a range of backgrounds. The Board operates under an agreed Terms of Reference, and provides strategic leadership to the organisation and to the Core Team of professionals, who provide the co-ordination and structures which allow individuals and organisations to work together more effectively.

    The Board is committed to meeting the requirements of the Governments Code for Sports Governance, and regularly reviews all aspects of its operations to ensure it is meeting the requirements of a Tier 3 organisation.

    Northumberland Sport has adopted the policies and procedures of the host organisation. These include, but are not limited to HR, Financial, Fraud, Health & Safety, Procurement, ICT, Data Protection, Whistle Blowing, and Officer Conduct.

    Our Vision

    Everyone more active for life by 2028.

    Our Mission

    To create a whole system approach to tackle inactivity in Northumberland.

    To read more about our aims and objectives please download our 2018-28 Strategic Framework.

    Our Partners

    Our partners all share our vision and understanding of the importance of physical activity and sport in changing lives. They are committed to working together to increase the number of people participating in physical activity and sport across Northumberland.  Our partners include local government, sport governing bodies, leisure trust’s, education, health sector and voluntary sector partners.