Youth Insight

    A high proportion of young people regularly take part in sport, but the rate of participation has historically been fairly flat. What works and what research is there about how to motivate and influence this important age group?  This is where youth insight becomes a useful tool when developing your sessions.

    We are challenged more and more to think about our customer in everything we do and this couldn’t be more relevant when trying to engage young people in sport and physical activity.


    Sport England have produced a very useful Youth Insight Pack called “Under the Skin”.  This resources looks at different personalities of young people and what triggers them to get involved in different activities.  Find out more about the different personalities identified in the Youth Insight.

    We have produced a useful summary of the Youth Insight Pack which coaches and partners may find useful.  Download the Under the Skin – Youth Insight Summary

    Club Matters have also created a Club Experience for Young People workshops will help clubs to create an experience that has the needs and wants of your current and potential members at its heart.  Visit the Club Matters website for information.