Latest Sport England survey show Northumberland is on the move

17th October 2019

The latest survey into physical activity levels in adults across England has shown that more people in Northumberland are being physically active, with a significant decrease in the number of people doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week.

The latest Active Lives Survey, published today by Sport England, captures the levels of activity of adults (16 +) from May 2018 to May 2019. The survey showed the highest ever levels of activity being recorded with 1 million more people being physically activity than when the survey began.

In Northumberland

The Northumberland results show that 68% of adults are classed as being “active” (doing 150+ minutes of activity per week) and that 21.2% of adults are classed as “inactive” (doing less than 30 minutes per week). This is a significant decrease of 6.6% on last years survey which represents 17,668 people moving more than last year in Northumberland.

The results show that this improvement has been driven by women and older adults (aged 55+).

Activity breakdown

The Active Lives Survey also captures the sports and activities that people are engaging in. The most popular activity continues to be walking (for leisure and travel) with 61% of survey respondents reporting this activity. This was followed by sporting activities (31.9%), fitness activities (30.4%) and cycling (17%).

Lee Sprudd, Director Northumberland Sport said:

“It is very encouraging to see the latest Active Lives survey data indicating that inactivity levels in Northumberland have decreased.  However, inactivity is a complex issue, so we cannot become complacent. There are no quick and easy solutions to changing behaviours and supporting inactive people to become active for life as there are some stubborn inequalities which exist within our local communities, which means physical activity is not a priority for everyone. 

We will therefore continue to work collaboratively with key strategic stakeholders in Northumberland as part of our long term strategy to tackling inactivity.”

Read the latest report

You can read the latest Active Lives Survey report in full on the Sport England website.

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