Sport England Update – Supporting the Sector

20th March 2020

Sport England have given reassurances to any individual or organisation who receives funding, or any other type of support from them, for their work.

On Tuesday 17 March they confirmed that, for an initial period of three months, they are introducing significant flexibility to reflect the current circumstances in how they manage that support.

Sport England know that:

  • It may be difficult to deliver projects, programmes or events as planned – so if you receive funding from Sport England for something specific, but it’s no longer possible to deliver it, or you want, or need, to deliver it in a different form, speak to them about the changes you want to make and they can discuss funding in this new context
  • The timings of your work may need to change from what was previously agreed – if you feel this is the case, please discuss with Sport England the changes you think you might need to make and they will support you to do that
  • The KPIs, targets and conditions within the funding agreements Sport England have with you may not be relevant, appropriate or proportionate given the drastically changed circumstances – Sport England’s focus is on achieving their key priorities around supporting the sector and encouraging people to stay active, not on asking you to report on previously agreed conditions
  • More generally, you may want to use the money you receive from Sport England in a different way, or on different things, to respond to the current situation or to keep your organisation going – Sport England can be clear now that you are able to do this, and should discuss with them the changes you’d like to make.
  • If Sport England committed to providing you, your organisation or your project with future funding or any other support, they remain absolutely committed to doing that, but they will listen to you and be as flexible as they can be as to where, how and when that funding is deployed.

Please do discuss this with your point of contact within Sport England, or you can get in touch with them using, calling them on 03458 508 508 or using their live chat function if you want to discuss what this means for you specifically.

Other funding support

Sport England also have significant concerns about the impact coronavirus will have financially on the sport and physical activity sector, and they are looking at options that will help to mitigate this.

Sport England are exploring a number of ideas, for example opening up applications to their Small Grants scheme to those that have lost income – modelled on their successful Flood Relief Fund – and allowing extensions of existing grants for those already in receipt of funding who have a critical funding shortfall.

Some things Sport England will be able to help with, but some things will require a request to the government to help with.

Sport England hope to have more information about the financial support they will be able to offer over the coming week or so.

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