We Are Undefeatable returns

14th February 2020

We Are Undefeatable returns to TV, social media and billboards next Monday (17 February).

Following the campaign launch in 2019, in the next six weeks the campaign will showcase the real-life stories of people living with a range of long-term health conditions and share how they get active in whatever way works for them.

Those behind the campaign want your support to help redefine what getting active looks like and support the next phase of the campaign by spreading the word about We Are Undefeatable.

How can I get involved with supporting the campaign today?

If you haven’t done so, please follow the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media accounts and subscribe to the campaign YouTube channel.

Right now, there are lots of tools and resources to help you make the most of the campaign.

Register on the We Are Undefeatable Supporters Hub to access:

  • Campaign cast stories
  • The We Are Undefeatable logo and other images from the campaign and supporting shots
  • Social media assets (GIFs, 15-second video clips, quote images and a selection of imagery
  • Media moments (highlights of when TV adverts are shown, these are released a few days ahead of launch).

Brand Guidelines are also available to download and these can help with tone of voice, key messages and how to use the assets.

You’ll also find the Campaign FAQs and Campaign Insight Pack, which tells you more about the background of the campaign and other information.

How can I help on 17 February?

Retweet the campaign film which will be shared on the campaign Twitter account @undefeatable.

Share the Facebook post with the campaign film, which will be posted the official Facebook page.

Give the Instagram post with the campaign film a like.

Oh, and don’t forget to use #WeAreUndefeatable on any Twitter or Instagram posts.

What can I do throughout the campaign period?

Please promote and talk about the campaign as much as you can, and please post about the campaign whenever you have space on your channels – it’s great to keep the momentum going and we love seeing your posts.

We Are Undefeatable
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