Working Together to Achieve Greater Impact

8th May 2019

The Chairs of Northumberland Sport and Tyne & Wear Sport are delighted to inform our partners and key stakeholders, that the Boards of both Active Partnerships (AP’s) have agreed to join together, within a charitable company limited by guarantee, as a shared legal entity.

This short update is designed to inform you of the major benefits we firmly believe the combination of Northumberland Sport (NS) and Tyne & Wear Sport (TWS) will deliver improved services to target clients and stakeholders more effectively, which include:

  • Delivering a joint ethos that focuses on the benefits of physical activity;
  • Delivering a more comprehensive and rigorous evaluation of programmes and approaches;
  • Hosting shared events and conferences, reaching a bigger audience;
  • Building on recent funding successes with larger joint bids benefiting both AP areas;
  • Pooling resources to maximise service delivery and develop fields of expertise.

There will also be much greater opportunities:

  • to reinvigorate our operations and service delivery;
  • to build more collaborative working arrangements with key stakeholders;
  • to further develop already close links with Public Health bodies;
  • to publicise joint working and innovation in peer review literature; and
  • to reach a wider audience in order to change our clients’ behaviours and attitudes towards getting active.

To read the full update from both Board’s, please download the statement from the Chairs.

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